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Originally Posted by joejohnstun View Post
Hi! Just found this forum, it's amazing, I've learned so much stalking the threads over the last few weeks.

I wanted to get some opinions from you experts.

I'm planning on going on a 2-week bicycle tour with friends somewhere in the US this spring. I'm looking at 2 bikes:

1987 Diamondback Apex - $100
2005 Cannondale Badboy - $450

The Apex needs a bit of work, but seems to be structurally sound (replace chain, maybe wheels, definitely tires, maybe drop bars). The Badboy is basically perfect already, just needs luggage racks. Both come with the original components.

Do you think it would be a better idea to buy the cheaper bike & spend money restoring it, or go with the newer one?

Thanks so much. I hope the pictures attach correctly.

$100.00 isn't a bad price for the Apex. However, bear in mind that if you change to a drop handlebar that you'll also need to replace the shifters and the brake levers. A bicycle co-op if there's one near you or a bike shop that'll sell you used parts can keep your replacement costs down.

I'd price out the parts that you are thinking about replacing and add those to the price of the bike. You might be better off getting a different bike more suited to touring.

I've converted many similar bikes to dropbar and people love them for the versatility. With wide knobby tires you can tour fire/logging/mining roads and with narrow 1.5" or 1.25" slick tires they're great as a dedicated road touring bike.

Good luck and cheers.
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