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It is not difficult to "fix up" an old bike and end up with the cost the same as a new one, so you really need to focus on this point.

Between the two I lean towards the Cdale because it will be much easier to retrofit a touring capable fork since it is 1.125" threadless steerer compatible. If you have no intention to use front panniers then get the DB, it's plenty capable for a person who packs light with rear panniers only for a 2 week tour. If you are not mechanically motivated take it to the LBS and have them assess condition for intended usage. It will likely need brake pads, cables and housing, cassette, middle chainring and cables and housing, perhaps a new bottom bracket and headset clean and lube. Also wheel bearings clean and lube and spoke tensioning/wheel trueing. Fit wise you may need a shorter, steeper stem. All these parts and labor really add up, and LBS shops are not what they used to be WRT to renovating old bikes economically, they really try to move you to a new bike. Most don't fix wheels anymore, but they'll order you a new set.

WRT to DB/Deore DX, this group was really decent in it's time, but the cantilever brakes have a plastic housing for the return springs that is prone to failure (polymers from the 80s/90s were not the greatest) and it will be impossible to replace that part, so new cantilever brakesets may be necessary - at which point you might want to consider V brakes and long pull levers, which may necessitate new shifters too since my recollection is they were the integrated mount type. Which again raises the renovation cost versus new bike cost ...
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