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Originally Posted by joejohnstun View Post
I went & saw it today. The rear wheel has 36 spokes & rotates smoothly. The front wheel has 32 spokes & gets slightly closer & farther to the brake pads when I spin it. Other than that, I couldn't find anything wrong. Each of the spoke holes on both wheels has a little reinforced steel ring, which I really like. I can still dig my fingernail into the brake pads.

Is that front wheel gonna be a problem?
maje, it looks like a nice bike, but you really must understand that to assess a used bike, one has to see and fiddle and touch it in person.
You don't happen to be in Leon are you? That's the only place that I personally know of a bike shop to recommend you to go to.

so yes, it's a nice bike, and if the shifters work properly, any competent bike shop mechanic can retrue the front wheel and check spokes, and regrease hubs and whatnot.
be sure it is the right size for you, si no, no vale la pena joven.
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