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Originally Posted by thunderfoot View Post
I have a '72 Peugeot PX10 with full Dura-Ace 7400 (6 speed). My dad built the bike in the early 80's when I was a kid. A few years ago, he passed it down to me... and besides a minor tune-up, new tires, seat and bar tape, I ride the bike exactly as he built it way back when. I've loved this bike since I was 6 years old and riding it now, in my 40's just like my dad did, makes me truly happy.

I'd like to upgrade to aero levers and get new bars to improve the ergonomics and overall look.... simple enough, however in my quest for this more modern/ ergo set up, I started thinking about upgrading the SIS downtube shifters to brifters and killing two birds... or so I thought. I've searched the forum and internet for brifter compatibility with Dura-Ace 7400 6 speed but it doesn't seem very feasible OR maybe I'm just not understanding what I'm reading(?).

Ideally, I would like to change as little of the current set up as possible, for cost as well as sentimental reasons, but I'm open all suggestions even if they include rebuilding the rear wheel with a different hub/ gearing that would make this switch easier.

Thanks in advance

Classic vs. Brifters...

Have you ridden much with brifters? If not, I suggest you try them a few times, and see what you think... I have a LeMonde with Shimano Ultegra. It is a great riding bike. It is, and yet I ride it less than the others (probably sell it, actually) . "Suffering with downtube shifters for 25 years"? Yikes... If I felt that way, I'd get brifters too. I don't though. Just saying try them out. Then if you want brifters, and someone here has a solution you like, go ahead. It's your bike. I understand the money thing- Swapping out rear wheel, bars, derailleurs, shifters, cables, bar tape,,, Probably be less expensive, certainly less headache to find a good used bike from the '00s than to completely rework your bike. BTW, I think your bike looks great.

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