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Originally Posted by carpediemracing View Post

Listening to music, emotions just overwhelming me.

I remember watching "Shine" in the theater. It was an innocent date with my then gf but I ended up breaking down during the course of the movie. This review in IMBD describes exactly what happened to me.
Originally Posted by topflightpro View Post
I thought I was around 12 percent based on internet photos, my scale and a pinch gauge, but then I had a dexa scan. Turns out I was closer to 20 percent and looked like a fat blob on the scan.

It was not a happy day.
yeah—those photos and many caliper tests results are highly suspect. There are different kinds of fat and people store fat in different ways. The DEXA is a truth-teller and often yields far higher numbers than many people are conditioned to think.

My analogy os those commercials for Zumba or whatever: “Burn up to 1,000 calories per hour!”

Repeatedly hearing that type of stuff leads people to believe it is actually true. So, too, with most of the “sub-10% body fat” photos you see out there.

ive gone through the “no way I could possibly lose more weight” phase only to (years later) lose 16 more pounds to get to low-5s. It’s super eye-opening when you learn the truth.

TBH most folks shouldn’t get it done as it is just depressing and will lead to less enjoyment of the normal stuff of life when one learns what they ACTUALLY must do to get that low.
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