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Originally Posted by topflightpro View Post
Well I had an incredibly crappy morning.

The dog ate something that messed up his stomach, and he had a nice bout of diarrhea at some point in the evening. (He had been farting pretty badly last night, so I really hoped the stench when I came downstairs was just that. It wasn't.)

Then, while cleaning it up, I accidentally spilled the bucket with the nasty water and poop back onto the floor, making and even bigger mess. I had to get out the bleach to properly disinfect half the kitchen. As I was leaving, my wife asked about breakfast. I told her I'd get something to eat at the office cafeteria. I didn't feel like eating at that point.

I'll probably go back over all of it when I get home tonight.
That's pretty awful. We had our share of cleaning up gross dog messed when we had two of them (doberman sisters). Between pooping in the car during road trips to throwing up a bunch of grass (sometimes they would eat grass obsessively), it was always an adventure. But they were special characters
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