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Originally Posted by tetonrider View Post
i've written many times on how it is possible to lose fat even during hard training, and how one can lean out while not only maintaining but also improving power.

after years of thinking about it and hearing most peoples' responses, i think many would be happier just looking at photos and believing they're at 9, 10, 12, whatever % BF. a quality DEXA can leave many people shell-shocked, and the steps to get really lean in a verifiable way are not easy. you are no stranger to the need to get lean based on your past experiences and hobbies, and you now realize that you were 15, 20# to go before you've reached a holy-grail limit. it's easier for people to claim they want it and think they've gotten there rather than to actually do it.

for many, the journey leads to disappointment (it's hard to get there let alone maintain it), and once you're aware some people then focus on what they are NOT instead of what they are.

i've used them annually for years and believe in them strongly to improve health (awareness of BF%, types of fat, where it is stored, and associated cardiovascular risks based on where it is stored).

it's kind of like power, though: lots of people want to own a power meter or for #s to just match their expectation (or higher! ;-)); accuracy is less a priority.

just my experience based on talking to lots of others and observing how they respond. ignorance can be bliss.
Yes, the DEXA scan numbers made me sad, and the images provided made me feel really gross. I really felt like I was a fat blob, when by most standards, I am a pretty thin guy. I don't quite have a 6 pack, but I do have some definition in my mid section.

I'm probably still close to that 20 percent. I know it's possible to get down to closer to 10, but I'm not sure I want to make that commitment. It would really require me to completely overhaul my diet, and I just kind of like to eat.
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