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This link might be of interest (click on "pages" a bit down on the page):
MAVIC - Mektronic 1999

I have the earlier ZAP system on my Geliano. Works great.

About batteries - the batteries do not move the derailleur they just give an impuls to the derailleur. I quote Chris Boardman as he explains it very understandable:
“All elements of the system were hard-wire linked. The beauty of Zap was that electricity wasn’t used to shift the gears, the battery only had to send a signal to the rear mechanism where a solenoid engaged the jockey-wheel and the rider’s pedaling action changed the gear. This meant, unlike today’s systems, the battery only had to be tiny and could be stored in a bar end.”

The only difference between the earlier ZAP and Mektronic is the latter being wireless, included a integrated computor and had a lot more design to it.

This article is interesting as it has some input about the systems:

More here:

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