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You mention that ends set is Campag.

Is it a regular 1010 or something else?

From image of whole frame I would have guessed something else...but perhaps it is just me annuated occipital receptors...

Do fork ends match dropouts? They appear to be without eyelets like the rear. You could check both the front and rear for evidence of eyelet removal. This was a minor fad amongst enthusiasts at one time in the interest of "lightening." [think "Drewing"]

Frame appears to be conceived in a "sports - recreation" geometry rather than "racing" so the absence of eyelets is slightly surprising.

In Italian the F I marking is sometimes employed to indicate Filetaggio Inglese (English thread). This is moot here since it is pretty clear we are dealing with an anglophone product.

Excellent observations @rhm. Sorry I have little to contribute.


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