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Originally Posted by oddjob2 View Post
I just picked this Centurion Comp TA yesterday, photo is "as-is." Very clean frame, silvery grey metalflake, full Shimano 600 tricolor. Nifty textured saddle. Per, the Comp TA was the predassessor to the Dave Scott Ironman. The name change was due to Goodyear Tire's trademark on the name. Imagine if the Comp TA were a Bridgestone bike!

Sweet ride. The article on Sheldon Brown's site was written by BF member A. Winthrop, using information, I believe, he got from T-Mar. The Comp TA was, indeed, the predecessor of the Ironman. As far as I can tell, the switch from Tange 2 to Tange 1 was about the only significant change. I see someone swapped in a tricolor RD, and that is certainly an interesting stem. The Comp TA was a smooth frame, one of the first bikes I had that had a real nice glide to it.

As you can see, the similarities to the '85 Ironman are obvious.
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