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Last nights commute took on a slightly different route. The MUP/sidewalk I generally use for a 2 mile stretch in a high traffic area was not passable with the bike. The city ran the snowblower over it but what remained was about 2in of soft trampled snow by foot traffic and my bike just darts and weaves through all that and is rendered impassable. I took to the street and commanded the lane for the first time in this section and found it to be relatively uneventful. The traffic was bumper to bumper and really slow so it was nice to keep up and I made it through just fine but with a lot of strange looks from drivers. I think they were thinking "what the heck is he doing riding a bike in winter in traffic?" Commanding the lane was fun and being able to keep up with the pace was a plus. I can do this in the morning just fine as there is not much traffic at all and all right hand turns but the evening commute is totally different.
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