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It was relatively pleasant this morning with low 40's and very light precipitation, and should be the same going home, but that's too soon coming to an end. Our GA Governor has already extended his emergency, tripling the number of counties in a state of emergency. Just in anticipation of a snow repeat. This time we're ready says he. Sure you are, Gov. You're ready for half the area to stay at home this time. (We're only looking at a maximum of 3-4 inches snow, maybe quarter inch of ice ...)

I'm switching back to my rain bike, the trusty old Denali with big 32 mm tires. Maybe with my home-brew pogies. BTW, a question for you northern extreme weather types. The last time a couple of weeks ago, halfway home my gears literally froze up in a big block of ice. Also the derailleurs, although the brakes were still working. I had to stop and chip it all off with a pocket-knife. What do you do with that? Carry a can of de-icer? WD-40? Slather it all with grease first?
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