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Originally Posted by Huffer
What a fascinating thread! I'm amazed at the range of geometries, fork styles, tubing styles, etc. seen here so far. My amazement can be explained by my ignorance of most things MTB. I just learned that there was such a brand as Bridgestone and Miyata and Lotus and many others in recent months, so I look forward to furthering my education in this thread. It's interesting to see what passed for cutting-edge technology 15 and 20 years ago - and to know that it still works just as well today, in most cases.
I agree with you. I just "discovered" vintage mountain bikes about a year and a half ago and I already have three. I'll have another one soon. I missed out on an '84 Trek 890 yesterday, so I consoled myself with a $25 Trek 930. They're much more interesting to me than road bikes.
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