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Originally Posted by guelphite View Post
Hey everybody, just by chance I found what it is. A friend of mine saw my frame and he identified it as the same as his Rossin Record Professional which was posted in Pedal Room.
Did Rossin ever had frames made with Colnago or visa versa?
The bike in your link is a repaint, too, so I'd take the suggestion it's a Rossin Record Professional with a huge grain of salt.

Rossin, Colnago...these builders incorporated lots of distinguishing engravings/castings/pantographs into their lugs, BB shells, fork crowns and seat stay caps. Neither the red one or the one in the link show any evidence of engravings.

Beware of repaints because before you know it you're down the rabbit hole trying to ID the thing. There are plenty of examples here on this very forum

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