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Originally Posted by tangerineowl View Post
Not really a fan of that 67mm bbdrop on those frames. Personally I'd prefer around 72mm or so if running a larger 650b or mid-700 like a 42mm.

As they're pretty close though, I'd definitely test ride one. Get a feel for the geometry. Ideally I'd be looking for a threaded bb bike.

Seems you like seeking out similar rides to me. Just getting into overnighters also. I like to keep the bike and gear weight down where possible. My build is 17.5 lbs, running 650b x 2.1 at the moment.

If you knew what you were doing you could build up something like a Carbonda frameset with a few previous gen higher-end secondhand components to keep the weight and price down.
How does the bb drop play into the bike? Is the only potential issue a pedal strike?

Geometry wise, I'd like something on the more relaxed side. Don't really know a lot about geometry, except that a longer wheelbase frame will be more stable.

Was looking at running 700x45s, but with a frame like the Carbonada, I'd probably have to run 650b. How do you like the bike/ride quality? I see that it is toray carbon, made in China. If you don't mind me asking, what does a frame like this cost? Building isn't a problem as I've done a few bikes before.
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