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WTB: DuraAce Uniglide 14T or 15T 2nd Postion Sprocket

Thanks for the responses....

When Shimano introduced the DuraAce 11T sprockets/cassettes they also made special freehubs with a smaller 31.9mm-33mm diameter threaded section (vs. the standard 33.5mm threaded freehubs).

NOTE; There was a period of time when Hyperglide was being introduced that Shimano made freehubs with both external and internal threads for use with either style cassette.

From Sheldon RIP Brown's website:

Originally Posted by seedsbelize View Post
But they're reversible. Doesn't that make them all the same?
No. Uniglide sprockets for both standard and DuraAce cassettes are 1.85mm - 2mm thick and are reversible for longer wear life.

The 2nd position DuraAce sprockets have a built in spacer and are: 6 speed - 5.5mm thick, 7 & 8 speed - 5.0mm thick. They are not reversible.

I'm looking for a 14T or 15T Dura Ace 2nd Position sprocket that has spines towards the hub side like this one. They only fit over about ~2mm of the splines on the end of the freehub.

Originally Posted by tyler_fred View Post
What # of speeds are you shooting for?

I have a 15T Uniglide cog and your choice of a 6 or 7 spd spacer. Cog measures .073” thick. Spacers measure .141” for 6 spd, and .123” for 7 spd. Not sure if this meets your requirements...
Thanks tyler_fred 7 speeds. I'm trying to put together a 13-28T cassette. Last month I got a low mileage 1985-86 all Dura Ace bike with a 12-23T cassette and 53-42T chainrings. At 76, I have no need for 120" gearing!

I changed the chainrings to 50-38T and the cassette to 12-13-15-18-21-24-28T...

There aren't enough long straight hills with tailwinds around here to run the 50T-12T combo, so I essentially have a 6 speed cassette.

I have 13T and 14T screw on sprockets. A 13-14T or 13-15T small sprocket combo would give me more usable gearing.

Originally Posted by zukahn1 View Post
I will check I may have one of these in my collection in ok shape.does it need to be a 15t, would 13t second ring be OK.?
zukahn1 thanks for the offer. I already have 12T-13T small sprockets. If you have a 14T or 15T 2nd position ring like pictured above that would be great.

I have Uniglide freewheels and cassettes on a number of bikes. They have a nice crisp feel when they shift. Not as nice a ramped Hyperglide but adequate.

Changing the freehub over to Hyperglide is more work and $$$ than it's worth to me. Done it before... Same with filing down the splines on a Hyperglide cassette. Plus I want to keep it all Uniglide.

Being a Luddite, I didn't have any cassette bikes until 2007 - freewheels and friction shifting only.

In my first venture into indexing in 2007 I built a set of road wheels using Shimano Deore XT MTB hubs.with a 6 speed freehub.

I changed the spacers on a 7 speed Hyperglide cassette and filed down the wide spines inside the sprocket. Finished it off with a 13T Uniglide screw on sprocket. It's worked great as a 7 speed!

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