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Thanks to everyone for responding! Some really good points were made.

I just got back from a trip out of town and retrieved the bike from Walmart. I used the Site to Store shipping option (which is free) and they keep the box waiting for you at customer service. It was a piece of cake picking it up.

Got the box back to my hotel room and opened it up. The box was in perfect shape, with no holes, marked etc that would indicate trouble after opening. My initial impressions:

The green color is not as obnoxious as it appears on the Walmart website. It's actually a very nice darker green color with perhaps a touch of gold metalflake. The decals are under the clearcoat. The frame is aluminum and the welds appear to be very good quality. The two hinges work well and seem to be precision made items (to my untrained folder eye). There is a clear paint protector at the spot the main frame hinge clamp touches the paint. The seatpost as shown on the following pics are around the "do not exceed" mark on the post, but as clamped the post has about 10-12" below the clamp. The rear reflector mount looks like it should work well for mounting a rear light, high on the seatpost. It comes with a decent quality adjustable kickstand that is mounted to a purpose-built plate. The bottom bracket area appears to be well triangulated. The cables are Jagwire "LEX". It comes with plastic folding pedals on both sides. The V-brakes are alloy, but no-name. Brake pads appear serviceable. Overall the adjustment out of the box is fairly good. It has a 1-1/8 Ahead style headset. The handlebar stem is adjustable for height using a decent quality quick release and the handlebars are held in place by a 4 bolt toploading stem.

I dunno; I think at this price ($200 and free shipping) it seems like it is hard to beat? I'm fairly certain after my initial impression that I will not be taking this one back, but if I decide to, it's a short drive to Walmart.

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