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I did a quick ride today. I've done several rides on M-type Bromptons and I thought the seating position was similar. The rear freewheel appears to have some axial runout. The derailleur is moving slightly side to side in the lower gears when responding to the free wheel movement. But overall I liked it a lot. Too cold to give it a good shakedown. The seat is hard and needs to be replaced. The tires are too soft. The handgrips too thin. I expected to do these based on the experience of others. I've done the same on almost every other bike I've bought, so I don't know that I would have saved much with another brand.

The gear changes are a little crisper than I expected. I've ridden Walmart level bikes before and the gear changes were much more vague.

I also loaded it in a suitcase I already owned. It was narrower than Atombike's suitcase and it's a soft side case rather than a hard case. The bike fit but I had to deflate the tires. It was also more disassembly than I realized when reading prior posts. But then I looked at earlier posted photos and there was the same level of disassembly that I needed to do. For instance, I wasn't thinking I needed to remove the derailleur. I tried to put it back together as if I were traveling (no stand). It was a bit more work than I was expecting. I felt as times like I could use another hand. I don't know if I would bother for an overnight. At least at my current expertise level with this particular bike.

I also think I talked myself into QR axles. Just one less thing to mess with. I inadvertently tightened the bearing cups on the rear wheel and was starting to get a little frustrated.

I also discovered that the original build didn't bottom the rear axle into the dropout slots. So after I put it back together I had to adjust the brake pad position.

I am sure I will get better at this with time and practice but because it's small and 'floppy', it is a little difficult to control, at least the way I was handling it. That's probably why I need a sequence for reassembly. I also might need to stop sweating my concern about scratches. I was trying to avoid them. I don't think I added any but I don't know if I should care.
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