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Originally Posted by Brillig
Dessert Solitaire by Edward Abbey.

Very strange book, but very enjoyable.
This is one that I read every three or four years, and I end up with a trip to Moab every time I do. If you liked this non-fiction book, you might try his fun novel The Monkey Wrench Gang, terribly fun and characters that I want to hang out with.

You are on a roll with books about the American west there Brillig, good for you.

Here is one of the strangest books you'll ever read The Circus of Dr. Loa by Charles G. Finney circa 1935. You may have to search for this one, a good library should have a copy, or search online, they are out there. Finney was an English professor at the Univ. of Arizona when he wrote this book in 1935.
Ziggy, this is a must for you.
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