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Originally Posted by mconlonx View Post
loved that book!

Just finished The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. If you like fantasy, chances are you will like this.

I liked Harry Potter well enough, but am not big on coming of age stories, especially school-time stories. Which this book is. But Rothfuss is a great fantasy writer, and the book is totally engaging. The plot device is that it is being told in retrospect by the protagonist as his story is transcribed. There is the story of his history, which forms the bulk of the book, there are odd goings on in the present as his story is being transcribed, and there are other stories within the tale he's spinning. It's a fully-realized alt-universe, fleshed out and incredibly detailed. Rothfuss is an exellent story-teller, and again, if you're into swords and sorcery fantasy of a more "believable" and persuasive bent, you will not fail to find this worth a read.
I really liked The Name of the Wind. The second one, The Wise Man's Fear, was good as well. If only Rothfuss would hurry up with #3 in the trilogy. Kinda like waiting for GRRM to finish Game of Thrones.
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