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Originally Posted by rensho3 View Post
I just bought a Rotor 150 mm crankset, axel and BB. I am only 5'5", so this will be interesting to see what happens once I get used to them. My current set is 165 mm. As it turned out, when I cut my seat mast originally (Fuji Elite, 2011 or 2012 version), for some reason I also cut a 15 mm section so thankfully have a shim to raise my seat. Before anyone questions the wisdom of doing this, I have tried (although not on the track at speed) and the seat is stable and there is plenty of clamp to insure it will securely and safely stay attached to the seat mast without rocking. I will post pictures when I am done with the conversion.
Just finished installing, which was very easy (I had my shop do it because I was swamped with things to do)! My favorite mechanic confirms he had no problems at all.

The pictures are not the best, but it was raining when I took them, so I could not have a good backdrop.

The only slight weirdness is the spider, which is designed to work with the Rotor chainrings, forming a very nice closed surface from BB to chainring. However, since I have hundreds invested in my chainrings, I guess I will put up with it. It's no worse than it was before with Dura Ace BB and arms.

The one part of the installation I did was to insert a 15 mm spacer between the top of my seat mast and the saddle cap. It turns out that I cut a perfect 15 mm piece out of the mast when I first got the bike. It even lines up with the "Fuji" on the mast. Sometimes you get lucky.

I have ridden this set up twice, and am very happy with it. I definitely look better on the bike (sorry, there will probably never be any pictures, but I trust what my coach tells me). One interesting collateral effect is that I am way more comfortable when on the bars and trying to make like a turtle for aerodynamics. I was able to hold the position for about 8 x 250 meter laps; in the past my elbows and shoulders would start screaming at 3 laps. Not the most important fact since at most I do 3 laps for a TS, but nice nevertheless.

And yes, the right pedal is significantly ground off; it looks bad, but still works, and since it survived the same crash in 2015 that almost killed me, I am kind of attached (pun sort of intended) to it!

The aero effect appears to be more substantial than I expected also. Full disclosure, I did not change anything on the bike fit other than adding the spacer to the seat mast. My top speed on my 200 seems to have increased an average of 1 MPH (N=8). I like that!

Close up of installation
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