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Originally Posted by big john View Post
The money wasn't an issue for this guy and he wanted a different paint scheme anyway. It was all grey when I had it and he had it painted multiple shades of green with sharks all over the tubes.
It was Tange Prestige tubing and was way too flexy for me @220 pounds. He was 175 then and it was comfortable for him. I was the only bike I ever sold anywhere near what it was worth.
I've given 3 bikes away, including the one I replaced the Landshark with. I'd rather give them to someone I like than to try and sell them. I have 2 bikes now I'd like to get rid of.
Other bikes I have sold cheap just to move them out. I sold a Cannondale CAAD 5 I had put 30,000 miles on for just $300. I sold the Nishiki I toured across the country on for $20 as a frameset.

I don't know why but I don't have any emotional connection with bikes, or cars for that matter. They are just things.
A lot of people look at bicycles and/or car, as tools. The perform a job and there's no attachment to them. Others think of their bicycle(s) as old and faithful friends that they don't want to part ways with. I guess a lot of the latter if they had room for them would retire their old worn out bicycles to the wall as mementos of great times and places.

I have a number of Old School MIELE bicycles. Two of them are Columbus SL framesets, one is a Columbus SLX frameset (With Jim Miele's signature on each side of the top tube), one is a Tange No.5 UNO SL tubing frameset converted to a touring bike with the addition of cantilever brake bosses and bridge, rear carrier seatstay mounts and a third bottle mount under the downtube, one is a Tange Infinity frameset and another is a MTB converted to drop bar and bar end shifters. I really don't have the room for all of them plus other bikes I have that I enjoy riding but I'm very loathe to get rid of any of them.

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