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Originally Posted by Doug64 View Post
The method you recommended for mounting tires is excellent. My wife and I taught a bike maintenance course and she would demonstrate fixing a flat tire. She could mount most tires onto the rim without the use of any tools using the technique described in the video. For most tires the pedal strap is not needed, as long as the tire is pinched toward the center of the rim , and pulled forward as you work around the rim from both sides.

We did have some Continental tires that were really difficult to mount. I was not sure whether it was the tires or the rims we were using at the time. We also did not know about the method shown in the video at the time.
my friends bike had some tough Continental on it, some touring somethingorother. Really tough sidewall tire if I recall. It had seemed low on a ride we did, and suspecting a slow leak, I offered back home to look at the tube under water, but boy it was a bear to get back on. Her husband pulled out the Pedros levers and being a strong guy, just levered the heck out of it and got it on. Impressed me to no end though that the levers stood up to the rather forceful prying he did and didnt snap.
They are reasonably priced also, but seem to come in pairs, not three (which I prefer), but you can see that they are very strongly designed.
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