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I don't sell them. At my last shop where the people who bought for the bike shop weren't cyclists and didn't know enough to do it right they chose to sell them. I told a lady 'Don't buy that cable it won't protect your bike, it will get stolen" and she said "well I am buying it anyway" she of course bought it and then her bike was stolen and she was back a week after saying "I want a free bike because they stole my bike with YOUR lock" and we had to tell her again clearly "we told you not to buy that lock we told you that would happen and you didn't listen".

If were ever to sell a theft deterrent cable to a customer it would be in addition to a good secure lock or for some roadie who is with the bike 99% of the time but may be not in touching distance.

Simply put if people stop buying cable locks shops will stop selling them. I sell the ABUS Bordo Lites if someone needs that light duty lock but actually wants a small modicum of security but generally I don't sell low security where I work, it just isn't the place. Even some "high security" locks are poorly made and easily defeated probably in a lot of cases due to inferior steel or poor hardening and tempering practices.
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