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Originally Posted by T-Mar View Post
Italian models having serial numbers on the seat lug only occurred during the Piaggio era of the early 1980s. In the late 1980s, the Italian models started using the bottom bracket shell. Your bicycle definitely has an Italian manufactured frame. I'm assuming that the '1' is actually am 'I', which would make it a 1989-1987 or 1989-1990 model. Typically, it would be the former but we've seen cases where careless Bianchi employees have reversed the sequence.

Bianchi S/N did not include model indicators. To determine the model and which of the two scenarios fits best, we'll need more information and preferably pictures. Start with a list of the components and a description of the Bianchi logo style.
Thank you for the info! Here are the photos. Came with Modolo Start brakes, Corsa brake levers. Rear derailleur was swapped out by someone with a Shimano 105, and I can't tell what the front deraileur is. Cranks and shift levers have Bianchi stamped on them. No 'Bianchi' stamped on top of the seat stays, and no 'B' stamped on the fork crowns.

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