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Originally Posted by tonytuzz View Post
Iím new, so canít post pics or url. Itís eBay item


serial number 160 021

i think itís a Ď75-Ď77 Specialissima that got a few new braze-ons when it was resprayed.

The serial number doesn't make sense. Even if they added some braze-ons and repainted, I doubt they would have changed the dropouts. The drive side dropout has the Portacetena bosses and holes, indicating no earlier than the autumn of 1977. Most manufacturers started phasing out Portacatena circa 1983. Also, I doubt they added the embossed stay caps. I'm not seeing any counterbore in the fork crown for recessed brake nuts. I'd place it circa 1979-1980. Model identification is more difficult but the reinforcing tangs on the chain stay bridge suggests high end.

If you won the auction, more information, once you receive the frame, may allow us to make a more informed assessment. If you didn't win the auction, it's irrelevant.
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