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Originally Posted by Zinger View Post
...I think Lopez wins bigger in any rematch.
That wouldn't surprise me either. Lomachenko was making excuses after the fight, sounding kinda whiny. That's never a good sign. I wouldn't be surprised if he goes the way of Kovalev after losing to Andre Ward, slacking off, making excuses, not facing realities of aging.

OTOH, Greg LeMond tended to be petulant during interviews during his career and it didn't indicate he was washed up. Although it depended on the attitude of the interviewer. He could be polite, frank about his weaknesses and self-effacing with some journalists, and rather rude and abrupt with others. But things happen off camera and behind the scenes with journalists that piss off folks. I saw it many times as a newspaper reporter observing some clueless radio and TV "reporters" who were more interested in sound bites than facts.

So maybe Loma's post-fight snippy remarks had more to do with a lack of rapport with the interviewer.

Anyway, Teofimo Lopez revealed he needs surgery for micro fractures in a foot injured during the bout. That's a bad sign in a guy who's only 23. If he loses any mobility due to bad feet, it's gonna make a rematch tougher if Loma decides to utilize his outstanding lateral movement and lightning pivots -- which he didn't do at all during the first half of their recent bout.

I'm still giving Loma the benefit of the doubt based on Pacquiao's up and down career after his mid-30s. The main reason he got kayoed by Marquez in their final rematch in 2012 was because Pacman got complacent. As soon as he thought he had Marquez in serious trouble he forgot all the stuff Freddie Roach had taught him -- especially that tricky footwork -- and reverted to a predictable pump fake jab, jab and left cross, coming straight ahead, no footwork. Marquez read him like a book because he'd seen it all before. It was the Pacman from their first match -- quick but no variation. But Pacquiao recovered and was still capable of that quick, tricky footwork and mixing up his attack in later bouts.

I just depends on Loma's mindset going into a rematch. I'd still give him a good shot at a decision win over Lopez.
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