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You know Greg LeMond always managed to make a public spectacle out of the inner team rivalries that are commonplace in cycling more so perhaps than any other sport. But the difference with him was that he always had to go to the nearest live mic with it as if seeking some kind of validation from the fans for whatever injustices he suffered having to compete with the French star in the stateside Coors Classic of all the impudence.. Sometimes i think Hinault annoyed LeMond just to entertain himself the way you do when you find out someone is thin skinned.

How to win rounds on the move by Willie Pastrano
You know Loma being as dangerous as he was at 126 and 130 did as you accurately stated: leave himself without a plan to win at 135. Willie Pastrano might not have been one of the ring greats but he knew how to win rounds on the move when he couldn't hope to stymie an opponent by hurting them any.

I loved the way he countered over Harold Johnson's missed jabs by moving straight back just like Ali did then slipping in to land his own and then evading Johnson's attempt to counter-jab that in reaching short of landing yet another missed jab at Willie only to have Willie slip in to land another counter jab and repeat the whole damned thing yet again . . . the total of which happened in about a second and a half ! And do this routine at least .twice in every damned round !.And this is the guy handicapped in reach winning the jabbing contest ! It's why I loved watching Willie . . . it was akin to watching Fran Tarkington drag an opposing defense all over the damned football field after him . . . It made me smile. Hell it made me laugh.

Harold was arguably a lightheavyweight top 10 GOAT having traded wins and losses with the likes of Archie Moore and Ezzard Charles and he owns wins over a variable who's who of the top two weight divisions during his long career . . . But styles make fights and Willie Pastrano's style was made to upset Harold Johnson if only barely.

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