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Originally Posted by tonytuzz View Post
Fair enough and thanks. I need to up my post count so I can post pics and links.

It does have recessed brake bolts. Also, there's an embossed circle B seat stay caps with a short flat section. The thing that was throwing me off was the fork crown, which with no circle around the B, normally goes with a downtube lug that also has a B where mine just has a triangular cutout.

I found an identical frame in the restorations done by identified as an '81 CDM 12v. ALL of the details match my frame, with the exception of the braze-on front derailleur hanger which was likely added later.
Based on the serial number, seat stay cap embossing (B within a circle) and the recessed brakes nuts, it should be a 1981 frame. The clincher would be the presence of Campagnolo dropouts with holes for the Portacatena chain holder, as these were introduced in late 1977 and disappeared in around 1983 (it varied a bit, depending on the amount of inventory that bicycle manufacturers had in stock). As you noted, 1981 would be too early for a brazed-on front derailleur hanger.

The Italian manufactured models for the USA market didn't have the serial numbers on the BB shell during this period, so I'm assuming it's foreign market. Foreign market models often varied in both features and model names from the American models with which most members are familiar. Consequently, even with photographs, it may be difficult to determine the actual model.

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