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Yup, while fans loved Emmanuel (Burton) Augustus' knack for dancing and clowning, it probably cost him some rounds and entire decisions. Check out the referee's expressions during and after his 1998 bout against Jon Thaxton was stopped.

Augustus was really an old school fighter with superb defensive skills and offensive trickery, hyped up with showboating from Muhammad Ali, Jorge Paez and a few other notorious ring clowns.

BTW, Thaxton was probably one of Augustus' tougher fights. Thaxton's southpaw stance and ability to spin Augustus left him befuddled at times.

But as with his later fights, Thaxton lacked the conditioning to sustain mobility to make up for only average punching power. Augustus fared better when he pressured Thaxton, forcing Thaxton to expend a lot of energy on bobbing and weaving. Same tactic Ricky Hatton used a few years later to wear down Thaxton, although even Hatton was unable to stop him.

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