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The "suffering" notion is something embraced by those folks who are ultra passionate about racing and personal visualizations of racing. Many see themselves as following the pros and the intense training it takes to be a pro. That ultra-passionate group of folks have historically dominated the 41 for many years, with many of them even denigrating others who don't see it the same. To put it bluntly, if you weren't willing to suffer when you got on your bike you weren't a "serious cyclist".

Such rubbish. I'm happy to see more recreational cyclists finally and confidently pushing back against the nonsense. You can be as passionate as you want about cycling but don't try to paint everyone else as unworthy or inferior. The majority of cyclists actually ride recreationally with no urges to compete or race whatsoever. For them it's not even a "sport", it's an activity. Different strokes for different folks.

By the way, the only thing more boring than watching bike racing in person is watching golf on tv.
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