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Looks like Bud Crawford just cemented his position as one of the game's greatest technicians since Salvador Sanchez, stopping Kell Brook in the 4th round with a right hook so quick and short I had to watch the highlight video several times to see it.

I haven't seen the entire video yet but apparently Brook took the first two rounds while Crawford sussed him out. That's Crawford's real strength -- the ability to read any opponent and adapt. I wouldn't rank him alongside Floyd Mayweather Jr in terms of sheer talent, but Bud can definitely read and adapt as well as Mayweather.

Brook looked much bigger than Crawford and supposedly had previous difficulty getting back down to welterweight. And Bud is small for a welterweight already, but more than makes up for it with ability and punching power.

In the short highlight you can see Brook making the biggest mistake anyone can make against a talented southpaw -- standing still right in front of Crawford, pitty-patting his own left jab against Bud's right jab. Crawford read Brook's timing like a cliched book and puh-POW, short, crisp right hook over the top of Brook's feeler jab.

Too bad Pacquiao is past his prime. A loss to Crawford now wouldn't prove anything, same as Pacman's win over a badly depleted De La Hoya. But prime to prime, I'd still give an edge to Crawford over Pacquiao, mostly because Bud is so adaptable, while Pacman has always tended to be a bit predictable when he's not 100% focused, which got him kayoed against Marquez. But even now I'd bet Pacquiao and Crawford would make a heckuva a good matchup.
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