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Originally Posted by JoshNOLA View Post

Bianchi Milano

would love to know the year

(What year?!! CX0004037D)

Welcome to the forums. The few Milano I've seen have been relatively modern, cruiser style bicycles, with a Shimano Nexus IGH (internally geared hub0. Assuming it is Shimano equipped, the Shimano components will have a two letter date code on them that can be used to date the bicycle within a year. The easiest ones to find will probably be on the back of the front brakes.

In this case, the serial doesn't help much, as there is very little data on non-C&V Bianchi. I don't recognize the format but if I had to make a guess based solely on the serial number, it would be circa 2003-2004. Since there is little data on non-C&V Bianchi serial numbers, my confidence in that guess would be low.
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