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I have always been an advocate of the thick rubber band,(like the kind that comes with broccoli and other vegetables,) wrapped 3X around the drops, behind the brake lever. Makes an excellent parking brake, when you loop it around the lever. Also has value as a minor, "WTF"-type theft deterrent, and is super-cheap.
As long as we're on the topic of oatmeal, which to me is the greatest touring food ever, I have tried these two options:
If you're not going up into Saskatchewan or getting too far from civilization, forget the stove and fuel and carry a travel coffee mug and a bag of instant oatmeal. Get hot water at any gas station and voila! OR
If that seems like relying on fate too much, take a lightweight thermos to store hot water in.
Just a couple ideas I've toyed with, but seriously, the rubber band RULES.
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