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Originally Posted by TiHabanero View Post
Another update today. When I picked myself up from the office chair to get some lunch there was little to now nerve pain. I spent lunch hour doing floor exercises and only stretched once. It is feeling surprisingly good right now, but again, I fear the morning.

It is amazing how heat really does keep things loose. I always put ice on a pulled and inflamed muscle, but heat seems to be the thing here.
I get sciatica of and on all the time. The more you mover it around and stretch it the better it gets. Within reason the old way of letting your back heal by not doing anything is not correct. Get it moving and circulate the blood get the waste products and healing moving. It was almost 6 years ago I was having pain running the would go down my leg and sitting was the worst. I finally had an MRI of lower lumbar and it showed foraminal stenosis, which is different than spinal stenosis but it can cause problems. Well 6 years later I am still running and while I go slow I do not have any pain. Riding the bike is fine too. I am going to be 58 in summer and just keep working the back. The key is to strengthen the muscles so that the joints do not have work as hard. Slow and steady with the race. The bike does not cause pounding issue so I bet you are going to be fine.
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