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During the season I ride every day. In winter I hike 3 miles or less as it is tough on the knees in the cold. This happened when shoveling the driveway.

Slept last night for 7 hours! Put two very large pillows between the legs and found a position laying on my right side that worked. Very painful to try and walk in the morning, however I stretched and it was easier. After a mile of walking it was feeling much better. Drove the truck with manual tranny to the store and it was feeling pretty good. So good that I jumped on the cruiser to put around the neighborhood since the streets were clear of snow. This is when I realized the origin of the problem.

Mounting and dismounting the bike is what I believe has caused the issue in the first place. When I swung the right leg over the bike it really affected the sciatic nerve. While riding there was pain in the groin just a little bit. Got to thinking and realized that while riding the cruiser this summer on longer rides (20 miles) I was feeling this same pain, just not as intense. The road bike I did not feel the pain.

So far this has been an interesting journey with much more discovery to come.
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