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Originally Posted by Maelochs View Post
You are all worried about plants but not at all adverse to strapping heavy weights onto animals and making them into transport slaves.

And I am not surprised.
This is an old discussion I've had many times before. I didn't say I'm necessarily for it, but I also can't say I'm necessarily against it. It depends on how the animal feels about the situation. Some animals really enjoy helping humans in certain ways, the way some people really enjoy certain kinds of work. Some discipline may help animals as well as people discover that they actually enjoy doing things they consider burdensome chores at first. I hated household cleaning chores when I was young, but now I enjoy them somewhat, depending on how they're done. I can happily do dishes by hand in some situations but in a job situation where there is pressure to get a lot of dishes done in a limited time frame, it becomes stressful. I imagine it's like that for horses; i.e. if there is pressure on them to go fast and push themselves beyond their comfort zone, they are unhappy, but if they are enjoying pulling a wagon and getting the exercise and checking out the scenery, they probably are happier than sitting in a barn waiting to go out.
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