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I've had success adjusting a Hozan that was given to me after the prior owner gave up on it. What worked for me was to back off (loosen) the adjustment nut to a point where it just started to leave thread marks on a fresh spoke. Then I tightened the nut a wee bit and tried again on another fresh spoke. 'Did this over and over until I liked the fit of the nipple to the spoke. The key step for me was to use a fresh, unthreaded, spoke each time after adjusting the nut.

In a prior attempt, I rolled over the same threads after each adjustment. With this approach I could get a decent fit on the trial spoke, but attempting to thread a fresh spoke with the same set-up on the Hozan tool was a disaster.

It is probably obvious, but you can do a heap of test rolls with just one spoke. Just cut off the threaded portion, de-bur the cut end, and use the same spoke in the next test.

I've never used my Hozan for a complete wheel build, but it is very handy when I'm short a few spokes to complete a build or make a repair.

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