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Originally Posted by NoControl View Post
@3alarmer and @wschruba: what is your impression of the Wheelsmith spokes? I've only ever used DT and Sapim, so I'm not experienced with Wheelsmith. Others are urged to comment on this as well... hey its my thread, and I can derail it if'n I want!
...I have a collection of them left over from prior projects in a 5 gallon bucket. That's is about all I use any more, because for a while the co-op here had a Phil machine I could use, and when they managed to remove that from practical use, another guy I know with a machine from Asia offered to do it for me for free. I'm trying to use them up before I die.

My impression was always that they were made for Wheelsmith by someone else back then, and I've used both those and DT's without noticing any significant differences. Again, these are from probably ten or fifteen years back. I don't know who makes them currently, but the remaining brother has some kind of ongoing blog presence that might tell you.

The only real problems I've ever encountered is with trying to cut to length and roll threads on galvanized steel. That was abad idea to begin with, and I don't use any galvanized steel spokes any more, ever.
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