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Yes, I did make the bashgard myself. Sorry to answer so late.

I make them at work out of 11g aluminum sheet. First I spray it with layout fluid and scribe the circles I want with a compass. The outer circle I rough cut with a bandsaw and then smooth it out with a high-speed vertical sander. The inner circle for the crank spider I punch out with a hydralic hole punch designed for electrical cabinets and I use a small lever punch for the chainring bolts. Of course there is alot of final filing to do to get everything to line up and fit. The paint is just a can job but the primer is Zissner "Stain-Killer" (applied with a gun) so it won't chip off. The result is not perfect but looks halfway decent. There is a Third Eye Chain Watcher on the other side of the crank that I painted white.

Ideally I could get the thing all machined in a fraction of the time but I'm afraid that would raise too many eyebrows, especially from a few of the nosy busybodies that work there!

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