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201 km. 33 C. 48 Veloviewer tiles. It was a looong day (on Strava).

I left late, it was almost 08:00 already and I got back after midnight. I drank about 5 liters.

Besides the Century distance, I wanted to clear some Veloviewer tiles by riding in areas I had never visited. There was a cluster of 2x2 tiles in the mountains more than 50 km from my home that I wanted to clear. There were also two isolated tiles in the Kanto plain whose surrounding I had already cleared. Finally, if I could clear some rows of tiles near the north-east corner of my "max square" I might be able to bump it up from 24x24 to 25x25. I achieved all of these goals and came back with many pictures:

Little shrine with Sarusuberi in bloom:

Windows of a Japanese storehouse in Ogose:

Bus shelter, decorated by the kids from a nearby school in Ogose:

A Dragonfly, considered a harbinger of autumn in Japan:

Proof that there are people who wash their car(s) less than I do:

In case you're wondering, that's a Mitsuoka Le-Seyde (1990-1993), a clone of the Excalibur car (1964-??) which in turn is a tribute to the 1928-1932 Mercedes Benz SSK... Under the retro skin it's a Nissan Silvia.

Rice fields waiting to be harvested:

Love hotel in the countryside:

That brings my CaM streak to 97 months. Three more months to go without accidents or serious illnesses until I reach the three digits...
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