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I've been feeling better on the bike lately (maybe because the temps are finally under 90) -- in late September, I organized a 200k that took a small group of us on some familiar loops. A flat route (25 feet/mile) and sharing the pulls led to a pretty quick ride.

This week, I was starting to feel a bit over-exerted, so I spent a few days deliberately soft pedaling. I set out Friday morning at 8:30am, with the interesting caveat of a teleconference scheduled at 2 pm. Initially, my goal was simply to knock out 100 kilometers before phoning in; I settled on the common trip out towards Wimberley. The routes are a bit hilly, but riding along the water's edge is unbeatable. The river loop is a near-perfect 5 miles; I went ahead and circled it 4 times.

I started the 15 or so miles back towards San Marcos around 11:30, giving myself plenty of time to find a nice stop for lunch. Back in town and with over an hour to spare, I added another 15 or so miles circling around parts of the local club route. By mile 65, lunch became second to better hydration. I stopped at a convenience store for a Gatorade, where I also ended up with gummy "dinosaurs" and a Pop-Tart -- I always say I'll find something better for lunch, but the simple stuff always seems more appealing to me.

After 'lunch', I pedaled lazily around town, up and in to the local park. I took my office call in the shade of the trees, snacking on gummies and sipping Gatorade; a few deer crept through the trees, occasionally casting their gaze in my direction. Wrapping up, I checked the cyclometer -- 75 miles, and I was set to ride 25 more.

I was near enough to a few local hill climbs that I had often skipped; the climbs follow limited out and back routes, and I much prefer loops. On the positive side, roads to nowhere have very little traffic. The out and back climb added a nice bit of elevation to the day, but didn't quite make 100 miles for the day. Not trying to be too easy on myself, I rounded out the miles on some of the locals' favorite hill climbs, mostly over 100 feet/mile. In the end, I was glad to clock somewhere around 6,000 feet for the 100 mile day -- good preparation for November's Das Hugel ride.

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