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How sure are you about your metrics? I ask because 110 CTL is an f'ton of training stress, especially to hold for longer durations. To compare, I've hit 100 CTL about 5 times (for no more than a week at a time) in the last five years, typically in prep for national championship events or other really big races, and that took a concerted effort of 12-15 hours a week with a very needed taper afterwards. I don't think I've hit 110 CTL in the last decade.

In any case, my CTL is typically between 70-85 in the winter off of 7-10 hours a week and pushes up into the 90s by the start of April/May/race season. I do this through a heavy diet of tempo, sweetspot, and threshold work, with a couple of group rides and bigger (short) efforts peppered in two or three times a month throughout the winter.

I've found that it's possible to maintain a fairly tight range of CTL between 60-90 for the entire year, with little 3-5 day breaks sprinkled in. Due to that, I don't have super high peaks or very low lows, and am always just a couple of weeks away from peak fitness depending on how much intensity I want to push in to sharpen up.

Lots of threshold work helps keep me aerobically strong, and lower hour ~9-10 weeks keeps me from burning out. With higher hours I'd have a lot more z2/tempo work and less sweetspot/threshold to keep training stress in a decent range.
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