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Originally Posted by kingston View Post
All training load is not created equal. It's a lot easier for me to get a high CTL doing a few tempo rides during the week and riding brevets every weekend than someone riding intervals all week and racing on the weekend. It takes me a lot more hours, but none of them are particularly stressful. I also just got my first power meter last season but didn't really change my training at all. I just wanted to get a baseline for a normal season so it's been interesting for me to track.

My big takeaway from "Fast After Fifty" is that we need more rest as we get older, so we need to build that into the plan. I've also noticed that weight-lifting a few times a week really helps a lot with the aches and pains that come with long hours in the saddle, which I didn't notice when I was younger. I'm also not as fast as I used to be, and I expect I'll get slower as I get older, so I've kind of given up on being fast and focus instead on overall fitness and having fun on the bike.
Yes, I agree that TSS fails to account fully for intensity. And funny, my takeaway from Fast After 50 was, use it or lose it and work that VO2max! Sign of a great work of literature: Everyone sees something different.

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