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Originally Posted by Lmabeyta View Post
1985 Trek 760Hello Trek Enthusiasts,

I am new here! I too have Vintage Trek 760 Pro Series 531 Reynolds - 1985' Beaujolais with yellow decals. (The Serial is 1984 manufacturing, but I am confident based on my research in 1985)
The frame is in great shape given the year. Only a few small scratches and with original decals.

It is currently equipped with NON stock parts. My ex was a professional racer, so he rebuilt it back in 1992.
  • Shimano 105 Shifters, Font and Rear Derailleurs and Brakes
  • Shimano Dura Ace – Crankset and Seat post
  • Sarnn racing bike stem
  • Mavic racing wheels with new tires
  • Shimano Clipless pedals
It has been recently tuned and is ready for the road. I love riding it, but I am consider selling it, but do not know the real value since it does not have the original component. Would it be better to part it out, invest in finding original components or sell as is?
I would love some feedback.
I have seen some chats about touch up paint, so if any one has a good "lead" on that then please share!
I love the bike, but I have three Treks as it is.

Any thought or comments would be greatly appreciated.

Only three?? The rebuild took the higher dollar Campagnola equipment off the bike so he downgraded if it was a factory standard 760.

Originally Posted by OldsCOOL View Post
Hi Lisa, I have a similar 760. Many of these bikes were purchased in framesets for custom builds by racers and enthusiasts. As long as the bike has components of the era it shouldn’t degrade the value. Being it has 105 parts then it may be too obvious the bike has been “rebuilt”, but really shouldn’t degrade. Neither would it increase value in my opinion. Trek was always swapping parts of equal or better value than what the brochures pictured. If you can post a pic (after getting 10 posts up) it would help others assess a value.
A mismatch of Shimano parts compared to a complete Campy Victory groupset is going to degrade the value.

Originally Posted by 3alarmer View Post
. never makes fiscal sense to seek out and rework your bike with the original components unless you are a hobbyist and plan on keeping it as a restoration. Then you can write it off as a labor of love. For a resale, it's just not a good idea. I don't know the market value for Treks, because not a lot of the best ones show up for resale in my area. They seem to fly under the radar here in NorCal where I live...I see a lot more of the mid level ones on the local Craigslist.

So they don't seem to get top dollar asking prices. Might be because there are so many Italian bikes from the same era bouncing around in the used bike market here.
+10 for 3alarmers point about restoration not making fiscal sense. Campy Victory parts are scarce on ebay so finding the parts to restore to original is probably unrealistically difficult and expensive.

I spend too much time watching prices on ebay. There is currently a one owner version of this bike with the factory Victory group listed for $895. It has clinchers instead of the sewups listed in the catalog. A frame with fork, headset and bottom bracket with a some rust around the top tube cable guides sold for $145 with free shipping on Jan 1, 2021. It was a 24"/60cm frame (too large for me) and was listed for several weeks before selling. There was a 56 cm frame that does not show up on the search that sold a few weeks earlier in less time for around $160-165 plus shipping, IIRC.

As much as I hate to say it, getting the most money probably requires parting the bike out. It would not surprise me if the frame and fork can be sold for about what the entire bike would bring. The shipping cost for a bike vs for a frame is also significant.

Avoid listing on ebay with local pickup only unless you are going to have a buy it now listing. It will really reduce the bids on an auction.
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