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Originally Posted by furiousferret View Post
I just pulled the trigger on Etap; the shifting on my bike has been problematic the past few years; causing one crash and a few near misses. At the core is the difference between my race and training wheels which can't be perfectly switched out and tuned without a limit change. It can get 'close' with a barrel adjustment but far from perfect. The micro adjusting of etap should help.

I'm afraid to sprint because of that shifting issue, several times when shifting the chain doesn't grab the cog and the pedal 'slips'.

I'm probably going to have to get new wheels, @Psimet2001 whats the best way to ensure I get something that aligns with my race wheels?
what's the point of training wheels? You can get good carbon wheels for the same price as alum training wheels almost. And the carbon wheels can last a long, long time.
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