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Originally Posted by Hermes View Post
I have Etap WiFly. I had a problem with the rear sleeping and SRAM replaced it. It was good for a couple of months and they it started to sleep. I was going to send it back and it is now okay. Yours may be newer and perfectly fine. I am not sure about the current rear I have.

When it works, I like it a lot and it is easy to adjust.
Upon my countless hours of research on etap I've heard the issue isn't common but happens often. Fingers crossed it doesn't happen here.

Originally Posted by Psimet2001 View Post
The best way right out of the box is to get the same hub/freewheel setup. If they are rim brake then most likely they will be close as it is.

Regardless you can use thin shims to get everything exact and repeatable if need be. Most shift systems now are close enough and like you mention - you can micro-adjust e-tap while riding in the drops.
That's the plan going forward, next bike will probably be a disc setup and I'm going with the same company for race and training wheels. I'll have to talk to my mechanic about the shims.

Originally Posted by Radish_legs View Post
what's the point of training wheels? You can get good carbon wheels for the same price as alum training wheels almost. And the carbon wheels can last a long, long time.
Its not that you need training wheels per se, its more that you need training tires and its easier to swap out wheels than changing tires. I get a flat every 200 miles when goathead season is in full force if I'm not riding the Gatorskins.
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