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I just found the forum and turned 50 last October. My wife and I separated last X-mas and are divorcing. I moved to town and decided I wanted to get back in shape again. After walking to work for a month or so, an old friend at work said I needed a bike. I've biked off an on all my life until I moved into the country where a mnt bike would have trouble getting around. My friend then gave me a '73 Schwinn Varsity. My first bike as a lad was a Schwinn Typhoon. The Varsity brought back many, many good memories, and the wind in my face let me forget many of my current problems. I 'upgraded' the Varsity with cruiser handlebars and an old generator light. I haven't missed a day yet commuting to work (coldest day was 8 degrees above). I started going to a local auction house that has weekly auctions and starting picking up cheap furniture to furning my rental house with. While there, I REALLY starting noticing the bikes. Instead of a couch and table and chairs I've ended up with a 1964 Schwinn Racer in immaculate shape, a 1988 Schwinn mnt bike for my oldest son, a Specialized Hardrock mega for my youngest son, and a Free Spirit ten speed. Then a couple weeks ago I hit a tool auction that took all damn day to get thru. It was a couple estates with alot of tools. Towards the very end, a bike was unearthed from behind two old bookcases that was unseen until then. Loose handle-bars, chain flopping, flat tires, and nobody even bid except myself. It's a 1954 Schwinn Jaguar, with the SA three speed and hand brakes. It's just a beauty! Same year as my birthday. It's my current project and will bring back all those memories of the old Typhoon. These old bikes have healed me more than any phsychiatrist ever could have...

A recently refinished, widened road west of me lets me get in decent 20 mile rides with most of it being uphill. It kicked my butt the first few times. Now, I'm not much quicker on it, but I can do the loop without sounding like a lungshot steer. The best (worst?) part about living in this part of Wyoming is the wind. I have made that ride against 40-50 mph winds, and that is truly a workout. When the weather is too bad to ride, I have taken to running, something I haven't done since college. At first I could barely run 3/4's mile before needing a rest. Now I'm over three miles and still standing at the end. I'm going to enter a duathlon in Laramie in June. My main goal of the race is NOT to finish last.

I'm not on any med's and 'try' to eat healthy. I've been active all my life and have hunted and fished as well as guided hunters all my life. But now I'm in the best shape I've been in in years and feel like the sky is the limit. Thinking of running in the Senior Olympics this year just to get a taste of that.

Also, if it doesn't show, I like the old vintage bikes. I like the new ones too, but damn they have a price-tag that I just can't get over. We only have one LBS and they have a corner on the market with their prices showing it. Something about bringing an old bike back from the dead and breathing new life into it for another 30 years or so of riding just feels right to me. I guess I'm hoping someone will do that with me when they find me in the dumpster...

Thanks for listening

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