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Please tell us your age.

1. What type of bikes do 50+ folks ride?
road bikes such as Trek 2300

2. Do you take any special supplements/vitamins/minerals as you have grown
Don't need any - eat everything and enjoy it

3. How much do you feel you have "slowed down" if any?
Only started riding 4 years ago and have gotten stronger. Normal aches and pains of my age

4. How long have you been biking? New, around a while, biked all your life?
4 years ago. Limited cycling as a kid and when my kids were young

5. What type of biking do you do? Long rides, touring, short rec rides, commute,
tour, race?
Mostly touring and recreation
Did a few weekend tours and long one 7 days in Holland with a buddy and Michigan 12 days with my bike club

6. How often do you bike? Your approximate annual mileage?
Ride about once to max twide a week. Mileage this past year was 2711. Been over 2000 each of last three years

7. Do you do any other type of physical activities - weight lifting, skiing,
running, etc.?
I am a tennis player and exercise lt weights, stretching every day. Still scuba dive when in Carribean and used to play softball

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