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1. 2 - cannondales - 1 road 1 mountain.
2. My wife feeds me vitamins. I don't know what all. I eat a lot of carrots. Several pounds per week.
3. I feel good. Stronger even than my twenties.
4. I can probably say that I biked all of my life. I did take a sabbatical for about 20 years of smoking and drinking. That isn't to say that I totally quit biking. Probably averaged 100 per year for those years.
5. Biking now is mostly commuting. I try to tour on weekends often. I am going to race. I did pretty well at the Skinny Tire Festival.
6. I usually bike every day commuting. That gives me about 100 per week. sometimes I get 50 on a weekend. Maybe 5000 per year. That seems a high estimate... so I'll caveat with 'projected'
7. Skiing ... I am backing away from that. Too much risk of permanent injury. My wife is more amenable to participate in bikeing.
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